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Hospitality Law

Many minute details concerning the rules, regulations and laws governing the hospitality industry in Nevada are unique to this state. Because of the high level of tourism here – particularly in Las Vegas – your case may require a team possessing strong familiarity with the intricacies of this system. Certainly, especially, any case concerning timeshare, gambling or casinos requires a legal entity with highly specialized skills.Backus, Carranza & Burden lawyers are experienced in representing hotels, casinos and many others in the field of hospitality. Some highlights of our experience and the cases in which we have played or are playing a pivotal role, are as follows:

  • Experience in gaming representation before the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission.
  • Representing hotel owners on construction matters in formation of construction contracts to defense of delay and disruption claims and mechanic’s lien matters.
  • Firm members educate the industry by speaking on a wide variety of employment law issues.
  • Defense of hotels in employment claims ranging from age, sex and racial discrimination to unfair hiring and firing policies.
  • Development of a unique hotel/casino insurance program, through surplus lines-carriers.
  • Active member in Eagle International Associates, Inc., which is an international network of law firms, adjusters and claims-related service providers throughout North America and Europe.
  • Represented hotels in card counting and cheating cases and has successfully defended numerous negligent security cases, slip and falls, rape, assault and other premises liability matters.
  • Firm members have been chief trial counsel or special counsel in the MGM Grand fire litigation, Hilton Hotel fire litigation and Dupont Plaza fire litigation.
  • Represented tenants on lease arrangements in hotel properties and shopping centers.
  • Representing companies in timeshare.
  • Lecturing and educating the industry on travel law and homeland security issues.