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Professional Liability Law

We understand that when a professional is sued, it is often the most difficult period in that professional’s life.  Being able to work closely together with our team has provided great comfort to professionals in our community for years.  We understand the old adage that “if you shoot a king, your had better kill the king.”  The same is true with professionals.  Once their professionalism is challenged in a malpractice suit, they want the best defense available.  They want a full court press and they want to win to defend their honor.  At Backus, Carranza & Burden, we as counsel, need to be flexible and adapt to the case as it evolves. Having operated in the state for 30 years, as well as having successfully dealt with several, major, newsmaker cases, our team has grappled with enormous challenges, repeatedly, and has been able to achieve major victories – several of which have earned us an international reputation. The lawyers at Backus, Carranza & Burden have significant successful experience representing Nevada professionals in a wide variety of litigation, transactional and administrative matters involving professional liability. This includes:

  • Representing professionals and other industry clients in negotiations, contract development and practice planning to dispute resolution in arbitration, mediation and trial.
  • Representing real estate agents, mortgage brokers and homeowners associations in administrative matters before the Nevada Real Estate Division, licensing hearings and lawsuits in state court and federal courts.
  • Representing insurance agents before the Nevada Division of Insurance, licensing hearings and lawsuits in state courts and federal courts.
  • Defending chiropractic physicians in malpractice suits.
  • Defending architects and engineers in arbitrations and lawsuits for malpractice.
  • Representing other lawyers and their law firms in professional liability matters.
  • Representing physicians and nurses in malpractice suits.