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Business Law

The team at Backus | Burden can assist companies or boards of directors in structuring and planning their legal documents, as well as in representation during disputes. From business entity formation to contract law and the protection of intellectual property rights, our lawyers can help you take the necessary legal steps to secure and defend your business interests. We represent clients involved in numerous areas of business, including:

  • Business litigation
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Corporate organization
  • Franchises
  • Government contracting
  • Corporate governance
Two business men shaking hands
Judge pounding a law gavel
Judge pounding a law gavel

Complex Civil Litigation

An experienced attorney can make a difference in terms of literally millions of dollars. Whether your case can be handled through arbitration or you are compelled to proceed to the courtroom, thorough and careful case preparation and intelligent representation can make the difference between success and failure. The attorneys at Backus | Burden have extensive experience handling and defending complex civil matters, cases involving mass torts and multi-district litigation. This experience includes some of the largest cases ever filed in both Nevada and the United States.

Construction Law

Backus Burden has had the honor of handling cases of every size and dimension, often managing to prevent the escalation of matters before they could become a threat to clients. From small business owners to large corporations, our clients know they can depend on our team’s experience, dedication and thoroughness when it comes to representing any aspect of their business. Backus | Burden lawyers are experienced in representing clients from the beginning of the project in negotiations, contract development and planning to dispute resolution in arbitration, mediation and trial. Following are some highlights illustrating the firm’s commitment to the practice area of construction:

Employment Law

Corporations and businesses dealing with situations impacted by employment law in Nevada should be aware that there are frequent changes in the law concerning these issues and/or in the interpretation of the laws in many of these cases. An experienced qualified team, such as Backus | Burden, can save many unwarranted expenditures in terms of hours, dollars and resources through the early application of their skills and knowledge of the law. Backus | Burden attorneys have extensive experience representing hotels, casinos, physician groups, hospitals, law firms, contractors, engineering firms, architects, manufacturers and other employers in a wide variety of employment and labor related matters. Our experience includes:

Food Liability Law

Gaining well-qualified legal insight early in the case of liability – whether pertaining to a single individual or to an entire class – can prepare a company to protect itself. With regards to Nevada food liability law, there is every necessity to hire a team with a proven track record and a solid reputation for integrity. Backus | Burden attorneys aggressively defend hotels, casinos, local food establishments and national restaurants, including one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the food and beverage industry, in state and federal lawsuits. Some unique aspects we consider when handling food liability cases are as follows:

Handcuffs on gavel in medical office
Paperwork and a patient being seen in a medical office
Paperwork and a patient being seen in a medical office

Health Care Law

Representing clients through complex issues is a specialty of Backus | Burden. Often, in the case of health care, issues can escalate quickly and businesses can find themselves suddenly on the defensive. That’s where a qualified, knowledgeable team can save you money – often millions of dollars. Backus | Burden lawyers are experienced in representing physician groups, hospitals, professional liability insurers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Following are some special considerations to bear in mind:

Hospitality Law

Many minute details concerning the rules, regulations and laws governing the hospitality industry in Nevada are unique to this state. Because of the high level of tourism here – particularly in Las Vegas – your case may require a team possessing strong familiarity with the intricacies of this system. Certainly, especially, any case concerning timeshare, gambling or casinos requires a legal entity with highly specialized skills. Backus | Burden lawyers are experienced in representing hotels, casinos and many others in the field of hospitality. Some highlights of our experience and the cases in which we have played or are playing a pivotal role, are as follows:

Lawyer going through paperwork
Insurance Law Photo
Insurance Law Photo

Insurance Law

Experience has shown us that a thorough knowledge and understanding of Nevada law and regulations is something that cannot be gained overnight, but comes from having performed our duties in this state for 30 years. Backus | Burden ‘s greatest strength is our experience, reputation and track record in dealing with complex issues to the benefit of our corporate clients. Backus | Burden lawyers are experienced in representing domestic and foreign insurers, reinsurers, surplus lines carriers, insurance agents and brokers and insureds. Some of the highlights of our qualifications are as follows:

Professional Liability Law

We understand that when a professional is sued, it is often the most difficult period in that professional’s life. Being able to work closely together with our team has provided great comfort to professionals in our community for years. We understand the old adage that “if you shoot a king, your had better kill the king.” The same is true with professionals. Once their professionalism is challenged in a malpractice suit, they want the best defense available. They want a full court press and they want to win to defend their honor. At Backus | Burden, we as counsel, need to be flexible and adapt to the case as it evolves. Having operated in the state for 30 years, as well as having successfully dealt with several, major, newsmaker cases, our team has grappled with enormous challenges, repeatedly, and has been able to achieve major victories – several of which have earned us an international reputation. The lawyers at Backus | Burden have significant successful experience representing Nevada professionals in a wide variety of litigation, transactional and administrative matters involving professional liability.

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